MwK Clan: August 2010 - May 2013
Hello all. We're sorry to announce that both of MwK's servers have been shut down indefinitely as of May the 9th, 2013. We thank everyone who ever supported our clan, whether it was playing on the server, donating or advertising the server, giving awesome mods to us or whatever way you helped us all these years, from MwK Clan to you: THANKS for everything. We wouldn't have gotten so far if it wasn't for you all.

-MwK Clan Management-
MwK Clan: August 2010 - May 2013
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 FwK Members: Please Read. Thanks! :)

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FwK Members: Please Read. Thanks! :) Empty
PostSubject: FwK Members: Please Read. Thanks! :)   FwK Members: Please Read. Thanks! :) Icon_minitimeSat Jun 25, 2011 1:49 pm

Reguarding FwK Loyalty:

When accepted into FwK, please wear the tag all the time and even if you aren't in one of our servers. That's not a demand, because I can only simply request you to do so and you can do as you please, as you are your own person, but-we gotta rep FwK guys!!!! cheers Thankya!! Very Happy

I also ask because we have quite a few afg (away from game lolz) members and FwK values your membership and we don't want to see you guys disappear like they did. Smile

Thanks a ton! Very Happy Your faithful FwK leader,

P.S. Also, if people in other servers ask what FwK is, tell them it's (the) Fan wrecking Krew, MwK's other public clan, maybe they'll be interested enough to start playing in our servers or want to be in FwK! Very Happy cheers
Thanks again in advance for all your support! If they want to join up, tell 'em to go to The server ips are near the top of the page if they want them. Smile
Of course, if you aren't comfortable enough to do that because of a possible ban by an admin that might be there, then don't stress it-I'm sure that if they are interested enough, they'll find a way to MwK's servers. Very Happy
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FwK Members: Please Read. Thanks! :)
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