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Hello all. We're sorry to announce that both of MwK's servers have been shut down indefinitely as of May the 9th, 2013. We thank everyone who ever supported our clan, whether it was playing on the server, donating or advertising the server, giving awesome mods to us or whatever way you helped us all these years, from MwK Clan to you: THANKS for everything. We wouldn't have gotten so far if it wasn't for you all.

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 Lets break a record!!!!!

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Lets break a record!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lets break a record!!!!!   Lets break a record!!!!! Icon_minitimeTue Sep 27, 2011 5:20 pm

Great idea bullets, you know I'm there! Very Happy

**EDIT: Oct. 1, 2011--Couldn't make it. I was out and about early morning till late afternoon taking care of different business matters for the month or else I would've been here; ya guys know I keep my word but things have to be done... Neutral What a Face Razz
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Lets break a record!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Lets break a record!!!!!   Lets break a record!!!!! Icon_minitimeSun Sep 25, 2011 3:41 pm

OK the record for the most users online is 18 i think we can break this record.
Let´s say 1st October at midday, it´s a Saturday.Everyone that wants to make part of this event post a reply here so we can count how many people will be there.

If u need to know something PM me or post here.

CYA, Bullets

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Lets break a record!!!!!
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